Mysteries of the Moonsea

It's Always Sunny in Melvaunt

The sleeping sea dragon

With Corwyn Jaffe’s quick exit from Melvaunt, The Devil’s Fire inn in finds itself lacking ownership. Without hesitation, Daegwyn realizes he has always wanted to own a bar and that he should now own this one.
Upon returning to The Devil’s Fire Inn, they find Dagnarr, a lone dwarf helping himself to some ale. With a quick “jogging of his memory” and claim of ownership by Daegwyn, Dagnarr realizing that he outnumbered & probably should pay for what he is drinking and gives a few silver to the halfling. Daegwyn coming to the quick realization that his bar is severely understaffed offers Dagnarr a job as Bouncer of his soon to be opened “Sleeping Sea Dragon Inn.” Working for a little coin, all the Ale he can drink & the bed in the loft, Dagnarr and his “Mug of Authority” are put to the test only moments after accepting the position.

A group of mercenary thugs arrive, clearly not looking for drinks, questioning the adventurers about the slaves they discovered and what they new. Satisfied with what they heard but still wanting to tie up loose ends they impolitely deny the request for their exit of the establishment by brandishing their blades and having at thee. With the assistance of Dagnarr, the thugs are bested. Two of the brigands, Leesan Durato & Roseph Bitero, are left alive explain that they are just to poor to turn down even such unsavory jobs such as these. 10 gold for one bar fight was too good to pass up. The Leesan & Roseph are set free with the understanding that they will be called upon later for their services. Vargarion had over heard the name “Theoderus” whispered softly by the mercenary leading this pack of ruffians. Perhaps Ulbyn will know more about this reclusive dwarven craftsmen.

Daegwyn has only “owned” the tavern for a few minutes, hasn’t yet had a customer and he already has to clean up his new bar. With Draelyn’s enthusiastic guidance, they head to the City Clerk’s office to discover that due to the illegal nature of what was discovered there, the city has seized the rights to the building & property. Once processed the building will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Daegwyn is hoping to make the right friends and earn enough gold to be the highest bidder when auction time comes.

With Ulbyn’s directions guiding them, they discover the Drop box customers use to contact Theoderus regarding his work and the Gate guarding his recessed underground home. Draelyn drops the piece of Jade they found and a note detailing some of his golem crafting theory into the drop box asking to get together with the elusive mage to discuss his opinions on the crafting arts.

Realizing they left Dagnarr at The Sleeping SeaDragon thinking they owned it, they return to make sure he leaves with them and doesn’t get arrested for breaking and entering on government owned property. To their surprise they find Dagnarr serving Nahara, and himself, some ale. Nahara and Daegwyn discuss their recent adventures in the past day and a 1/2. Escorting the Dwarf and the halfing safely out of the building they offer to put up Dagnarr at the Floating Fighter and encourage Nahara to continue playing his game of “hide and go seek” with Capt. Shale that he has been so successful at since arriving in Melvaunt.



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