Mysteries of the Moonsea

Must figure out how owlbear these bad jokes....


The group sets out in search of the scions of Melvaunt. Heading North on the road to Glister, before heading into the Thar, The party is met with a still angry Crew of the Cutlass. Valetine Shale sends his First-mate, Talis Bariyan w/ some of the crew to dispatch Nahara’s Liberators. With swarms of monkeys and pit magic the group defeated their attackers allowing just Hagrim Bladeborne, Ships master at arms to escape.

Shortly after heading into the Wilds of the Thar, the site of a previous Orc ambush is discovered. Among the Orc corpses are dead horses. The rotting flesh has drawn in some hungry wild life. 3 Owlbears bear down on the fresh meat that has just arrived.
During Battle, Draelyn’s attempt to summon an Earth Elemental’s aid instead yielded a more interesting outcome. 3 Mephits appeared on the field of battle, clearly having their card game interrupted. A Cryastal Mephit named Ixum, a Salt Mephit named Kurz & Sir Nerk, a Noble Knight of the Earth Mephits, or so he says…..



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