Mysteries of the Moonsea

The Cutlass

The cutlass

The Passage from Hillsfar proved nothing less then entertaining. The group meets Nahara, The Captain’s Halfling good luck charm, for the first time & watch a Dragon Turtle destroy a Zhent Pirate ship. Upon learning of Nahara’s in ability to leave the ship upon per the Captain’s “Request.” Dagweyn’s Hijinx is released upon the ship to rectify the Captain’s “Arrangement” with Nahara.

Upon reaching Melvaunt, Ublyn puts the group to work very quickly investigating some black-market slavery rumors around the city. Investigation of former Pirate turned legitimate Tavern owner, Corwyn Jaffe, the group discovers he did not leave behind his pirate ways and stores freshly imported slaves in the sewers underneath his Tavern. A few of the slaves in Corwyn’s possession bear the same unusual tattoos, and seem worth some investigation.

One of the recently captured humans was Heindar, a barbarian of Rashamen, whose honor has bound him to repaying his debt for his rescue. The group’s acceptance may give this large sword wielding barbarian a purpose he has not had in quite sometime.



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