(Slave) Amari

Rd1 - Female – Karaturi – Cook


Human(Karatur) Advanced CR 4
XP 1200
Any Medium Humanoid (Animal)
Expert level 3 (skill points 30) Cook
Alchemist level 2 (skill points 16) Alchemist
Init 4; Senses ; Perception +9
AC 16, Touch 14, flat footed 12 ( No Armour, Shield, none)
4 Dex, 2 Natural)
hp 35 (0d8
Fort 6, Ref +5, Will +5
Speed 30
Single Attack No Melee +4 (
or Bomb 7 (1d6)
Full Attack
No Melee +4 (
or Bomb 7 (1d6) range 20
Space 5ft.; Reach 5
Special Attacks
Bomb (Su) Number of bombs each day equal to his class level + his INT mod. No of d6 damage = 1
Bomb (Su)-2 Add INT bonus to damage. Splash Damage = Min damage, Reflex 1/2 DC 10
1/2 level + INT mod.
Spells Known:

Alchemist Spells
Level 1 (3) DC 14
Crafters Fortune(Transmutation)[ ] X 1
V, S, F (a tool) rng: Close 25ft + 5ft/2 levels Dur: 1 day/level or until discharged (D)
SV Will negates (harmless) Area: one creature
Description: The target is struck by inspiration and gains a +5 luck bonus on its next Craft skill check.

Cure Light Wounds(Conjuration)[Healing ] X 1
V,S rng: Touch Dur: Instantaneous
SV Will half (harmless); see text Area: Creature touched
Description: Cures 1d8 damage + 1/level (max +5).

Keen Senses(Transmutation)[ ] X 1
V, M/DF (a hawk\’s feather) rng: Touch Dur: 1 minute/level (D)
SV Will negates (harmless) Area: creature touched
Description: Gains a +2 competence bonus on Perception checks and gains low-light vision. Subjects that have low-light vision double the distance they can see under the effects of this spell.

Str 13, Dex 18, Con 15, Int 16, Wis 14, Chr 14
Base Attack 3 CMB 4; CMD 18
Spontaneous Healing (Ex): Free action once per round, can heal 5 hit points as if had the fast healing ability. Can heal 5 hit points per day for every 2 alchemist levels.,
Armour Prof Light,
Brew Potion,
Precise Bombs: Can select a number of squares equal to his Intelligence modifier that are not affected by the splash damage from his bombs. If the bomb misses, this discovery has no effect.,
Remote Bomb: The maximum delay for your delayed bombs increases to a number of minutes equal to your level.,
Simple Weapon Proficiency,
Throw Anything: No penalties for improvised thrown weapons,
Weapon Finesse: Use DEX mod instead of STR mod for melee attack to hit
Skills Craft Alchemy 11, Disable Device 3, Fly 9, Gather Information 7, Heal 9, Intimidate 10, Know Arcana 3, Know Local 11, Know Nature 11, Perception 9, Profession Cook 10, Sense Motive 7, Sleight of Hand 4, Spellcraft 10, Survival 7, Use Magic Device 6
Languages Common
Environment Any
Organization Company 10-20, Band 30-100, Squad 4-8
Treasure Standard
Brew Potion (Ex) Brew Potion as a bonus feat.
Mutagen (Su)-1 2 natural armor bonus and4 alchemical bonus to a selected ability score for 10 mins per level
Mutagen (Su)-2 Take a -2 penalty to one mental ability. If STR, penalty to INT. DEX to WIS, CON to CHA
Poison Use Never accidentally poison self
Save against Poison bonus = 2
Throw Anything (Ex) Gives feat
MAGIC ITEMS (max value 1650)


(Slave) Amari

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