Kumori Chorster

Human Fighter


The life of a swordsmith is hard. Long hours in front of an anvil and hearth can lead to a dull and boring existence. The life of a swordsmith’s son is even harder.

Kumori Chorster was 12 years old when he began as an apprentice under his fathers watchful eye. His father was very skilled in the art of the sword and such skill brought customer’s from all walks of life. Kumori hoped that he could someday be as successful as his father but working for him was no easy task. “Pay attention boy!” and “You disappoint me” became phrases that were all too familiar to Kumori and they began to wear on him. The only time Kumori found any solace was upon returning home to his mother, who was there with a warm meal and open arms. His younger brother, who looked up to him, would ask him about his day and if father allowed him to hold any swords.

As Kumori grew older and gained more knowledge in making swords, his father noticed that Kumori was starting to show some skill in his works. However, Kumori started to realize that his passion for making swords was starting to be outweighed by his love for wielding swords. Kumori began to sneak off during the day and practice routines that he had seen some of his father’s customers perform. His father began to notice this as well and was infuriated. He pulled Kumori back to the smith and forbid him to ever wield a sword outside of his duties as an apprentice.

Six months had passed since that day and Kumori was on his way to open the smith. His father was feeling ill and was running behind, Kumori offered to go ahaead and wait for him. Only, his father never showed. Hours had passed and Kumori raced back home to see if everything was ok. To his disbelief he found his entire family dead. His mother and brother were laying on the dirt floor in the kitchen. He stumbled around the rest of the house and it wasn’t until he reached the top of the stairs that he found his father’s body, beheaded and pinned to the floor by a sword. One that bore the mark of KC. Kumori Chorster. His family was murdered by a sword that Kumori, himself, had made.

It’s been two years since that day. Kumori moved to Myth Drannor and vowed that he would find out what happened to his family. Before he could do that Kumori had to find someone who could teach him to properly wield a sword.

Tylana Narethsyr watched Kumori with eager eyes as he wielded his scimitar with unbelievable prowess. Kumori was a natural and Tylana knew it. In the absence of Kumori’s mother, Tylana assumed that role. He had spent so much time with her that he looked at her as a mother figure. She watched over him and gave him a place to stay. She brought him back from those dark days that were only a few years ago. She gave him life and taught him how to take a life. Kumori was in debt to her. Tylana also had a son, Draelyn, who Kumori saw as a younger brother. Draelyn was always getting into some kind of trouble and Kumori was always there to watch over him.

Kumori had already lost one family and he ensured himself that he wouldn’t lose another… so long as he walked this mortal earth.

Kumori Chorster

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