Xanneira Impkith

Tiefling Magus


My story is one I’d rather be forgotten, for it reeks of unpleasantness. My first memories are of the beating I received at the hands of my “father” for acting out of place. You see I was bred, deliberately, in his never ending search for power – something I found was quite common amongst the Red Wizards of Thay – and something I was reminded of whenever I didn’t follow orders.

I was just a child. Inquisitive at first, which in turn lead to fear after the persistent beating, then morphed into loathing for this scum of a “father”. By the time I hit my young teens I was smart enough to watch my tongue and not ask questions, but the beating continued mainly for pleasure – his, not mine – at that point.

It was after one such beating that I had the spark of inspiration to pay more attention to my father and the wizards that surrounded him, learning as much of their secrets as possible and biding my time to one day make my escape.

Turns out, I didn’t have to wait long or make an escape. Father was in a particularly foul mood and needed to let off some steam one day and decided I would make a nice target for his anger. His fury was unquenchable that day, not only did his fists leave me battered and bruised, but I was subjected to numerous spells as well. Bloody and beaten, barely able to draw breath, I was left for dead.

That could have been the end of my story, but as (bad) luck would have it, I was happened upon by a group of slavers. Too weak to fight, but “exotic” enough to fetch a decent price I was given enough sustenance to survive and regain enough of my strength to walk.

From then on I lived the life of a slave, all the while learning new tricks and fighting methods. Never revealing how much I actually knew and waiting for the right time to take my freedom from those who had oppressed me for so long.

A chance meeting in the sewers of Melvaunt gave me that chance as a group of adventurers freed me and a number of other slaves from the black market slave trade. Free for the first time in my life I set out in the city to forge my own path, lying low for the time being until I could observe and acclimate myself to freedom. It was during that period that Demonclaw – a scimitar of all black – came into my possession and I realized that I would need to help those who freed me….

Xanneira Impkith

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